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de Courcelles, l'abbé de l'Espines, de Saint-Pons,...[et al. O' Hart in 'Irish Pedigrees' p 499, (1887) describes the arms for Keary/Carey of Fore, Westmeath as 'azure, a lion passant, guardant, or' with a crest of 'an arm in armour, holding a spear point down, ppr'. & .2. above. With over 1000km of coastline there's a mesmerising amount of experiences to be had. from the book 'County Cork, Ireland, genealogy and. cit.) The Carey page is an effort to join together the descendants of the Carey Irish Clan now spread throughout the world. John Kearie & Katherin Kery, County Limerick, 1653, are 'transported'. These native householders would have been the progenitors of the numerous Carey families recorded in Tipperary in the 1850s (Griffith's 'Primary Valuation'). ; and in North Tipperary: Donnogh O' Chara, Derby Carragh, Rory McCarry, Matthew Carry, Unny Carrigh, Unny Carey and so forth. R. E. Matheson ('Varieties & Synonyms of Ireland', 1901) records synonymous usage of Kirrane & Carey in the late 19th century in Ballindine, west Mayo. We have no idea if he anglicized his Greek name to Carey or if his father was part of the British contingent stationed in Greece. The Mormon I.G.I has entries for Car(e)y in Devon (records begin in 1538): e.g. Ó Ciardha were chiefs of Carbury, Kildare at the time of the Invasion and were dispersed. The Registrar General's 'Special Report...' (1894) based on births in Ireland for 1890, shows highest occurrences of Carey in Cos Cork, Dublin, Tipperary, Mayo and Kerry. Carey, Cary or Carrey is a surname that has four distinct geographical origins, in order of numeracy: Ireland, the English West Country, Wales and France. Underneath its waxy outer layer, the cheese hides a firm, crumbly, and dense texture. Christine Carey. Other Carys are of English, particularly West Country extraction, such as the Cary family of Virginia, descended from Miles Cary of Bristol (1623-1667)[78], Edward MacLysaght, 'Surnames of Ireland', Irish Academic Press, Dublin 1985, 'Irish Families', I.A.P. The Genealogies of Dubhaltach Mac Fhirbhisigh (c 1400) mentions them: 'O Ciarda obtained heavy profit of the land of Cairbre'. Sydney Arthur Carey 1907 m Alice Bradshaw Grandparents John & Cornelius Cary, Clonoulty; Thomas Keary, Kilfeacle; Daniel Keary, Killea; Laughlin Carey and 4 other Careys, Knockgraffon, Cahir; John Carey/Keary, Lattin; Darby plus 3 other Carys, Soloheadmore &c; Edm Keary, Templenoe. Report this profile Experience Solicitor Flynn Solicitors ... Others named Christine Carey. Family name: Carey (Careysville) Family title: Description: Estates: Carey (Careysville) - Peter Carey, son and heir of Captain Peter Carey and his wife Sarah, was granted Ballymackpatricke and other lands in the barony of Condons, county Cork in 1667. ; Edm Keary, Templenoe etc. This is a shot in the dark:My 2nd ggfather was William Francis Cotter, born to Thomas Cotter and Eliza (?). It is possible that the former would be of Ó Ciardha stock, whilst the latter is most probably an Ó Cearáin through his ancestor 'Michael Kirrane'. [42], Car(e)y is also a Devonshire name, possibly from the place in Devon on the River Carey, just east of Launceston, recorded as 'Kari' (Pre-Celtic or Celtic language) in the Domesday Book (1086). By the time of the 'Primary Valuation (1847–64)' of Richard Griffith, County Tipperary had the most Carey households (239) followed by County Cork (177), County Limerick (108), County Dublin (94) and County Mayo (81), out of a total of Carey households in Ireland of 1,308. In Griffith's 'Primary Valuation' (1848-64) the top 6 counties for Carey households were:   Tipperary 225 + 2 Cary (an ephemeral variant), Cork 177, Limerick 108, Dublin 94, Mayo 78 + 3 Cary, and Westmeath 64 + 11 Cary. Carey households in Cork in Griffith's Valuation. Of the individuals in the R1b1a1a2 haplogroup as yet not in a lineage,  there are 6 confirmed from Ireland (origins inc. Tipperary, Kerry, Mayo, Westmeath), and 2 from England (Somerset and Northants). & E. MacLysaght, 'More Irish Families', IAP, Dublin, 1982, a, E. MacLysaght, 'More Irish Families', IAP, Dublin, 1982. There are also numerous Careys in the Glasgow and Cardiff areas; in fact, outside London, Glasgow had the most bearers in any city telephone directory in Britain in 2001/2002. As early as the 1841 Census Carey is found in significant numbers in Somerset (213 + 302 Cary), but also in South East England in Kent (210 + 11 Cary) and Sussex (194 + 13 Cary)[54] Carr(e)y also occurs as a variant in all three counties. Some early Careys: Francis Carye of Stainfield, 1601,[58] Joanis and Mariae Cary of Hatton, 1673,[59] Bridget and Thomas Carey of Legbourne 1692. [22], Ó Dubhagáin (died 1372) wrote of 'Ó Ciardha over Cairbre of poets, of the tribes of Nine-hostaged Niall'. County Cork is located in the province of Munster, bordering Kerry to the west, Limerick to the north, Tipperary to the north-east and Waterford to the east. (Feet of Fines). Tell us about any famous Carey (or surname variant) you think we should add here. Victor Watts, 'Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names', Cambridge University Press, 2004, Hanks P,. Regarding the above forms, Gaelic names would have been 1) simplified over time in local speech, and 2) spelt phonetically by English 17th-century officials, who would also have assimilated them to British models where available; there are common Irish names whose anglicised forms coincide with rarer British names, e.g. They appear mainly in London/Middlesex, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Glamorgan, Monmouth, Kent, Northumberland, Cheshire, Oxfordshire, Essex etc.[62]. & .2. above. Irish immigration must account for many British bearers. Our tradition of independent thinking will prepare you for the world and the workplace in a vibrant, modern, green campus. The arms of an English family of Car(e)y from Devon or Somerset (Burke, 1884) 'argent, on a bend, sable, 3 roses of the first' are often wrongly assigned to Gaelic-Irish Careys by 'heraldic firms', probably because two such landlord families settled in Ireland: a) Cary at Inishowen, Donegal (c. 1600); b) Carey at 'Careysville' near Fermoy, Cork (c.1650) also Clonmel (c.1780). Peter Cary, (also 'Carew' in the 'Census') a Cromwellian soldier, purchaser of a considerable estate in North East Cork. However, this name is a form and cognate of Ó Carraidh/Ó Corraidh, from root ‘carra/corra’-spear; which appear to supply the many 17th century anglicized forms in Co Tipperary (see below) which result in Tipperary having the highest total of Carey bearers nationally in the mid 19th century. Kent and Sussex in the 1841 Census had a high count of Carey bearers (210 + 11 Cary & 194 + 13 Cary respectively). cit.) In the 19th century Catholic parish registers, from c.1800, in Co Tipperary , the same individuals appear as Ceary, Keary, Carey and Carew, depending on the scribe. These counties are the home of several romani-gypsy families of Carey. MacLysaght gives Kilkenny as the county. The six Irish Carey lineages  confirmed are  from:  Tipperary X2  in 'Southern Irish' Group 2, Limerick/Clare in 'Irish Group 3',  and Galway/Donegal in in the 'North-Western Irish' Group. He also did the filming in 'Ryan's Daughter'. Carey appears in French archives: Claude Carey, b. Saône et Loire, Bourgogne, 1590;[63] Laurens Carey, Paris, 1595;[64] Jehan Carey, Cher, Centre France, c. 1600;[65] Eglantine Carey, 1600, Côte d'Or, Bourgogne;[66] Mathieu Carey, Calvados, Normandie, 1625. The surname arises from nine recorded distinct patronymics in Ireland, and is numerous and widespread;[1] the many original forms have been listed by the National Folklore Collection of Ireland in 2015,[2] increasing the number of variants quoted by the Registrar General of Ireland in 1890. [5][11], It may derive from the English West Country, viz. Birth figures for the year 1890, from the Registrar General's 'Special Report...' (1894) were 118, of which 59 were in Munster, 36 Leinster, 13 Connacht and 10 Ulster. In fact, the local pronunciation of Carew is 'care-ew' and formerly was actually  'care-ee'. in the Somerset 'Feet of Fines': Philip de Kary (1203), Gunilda de Kary (1235), Peter de Cary (1280). More typical is former Governor of New York, Hugh Carey (1919–2011) a leading Irish-American politician descended from a 19th-century County Mayo emigrant. Woulfe (op. The Cary spelling occurs mostly in Westmeath (11) and Donegal (11), with a total of 33. O' Donovan wrote (1862): 'O'Ciardha, now anglicised Keary and Carey, a rather numerous name in the counties of Meath and Kildare', and 'the name is common, but to be found only among the lower orders'. [17] The Norman name is probably the origin of the surname in Guernsey, Channel Islands. [74] (v. supra). The Ireland total for Carey households  is 1,308 + Cary 33. Can you support one of our Heritage Pilot Projects in your region of origin or linked to you surname(s)? These settler Fermoy/Clonmel Careys are extinct in the male line. They were chiefs of Cinel Fearadhaigh, a branch of the northern Uí Néill, in Co Tyrone; also families in SW Galway and Co Meath. Learn, Study and Research in UCC, Ireland's first 5 star university. The large numbers of Irish Careys, well attested in the shipping registers, for the most part landing in New York and spreading through the northern states and later westwards, followed the demographics of Irish immigration. Examples in 1664 in South Tipperary: Patrick McCarda, Michael Carrig, Thomas Carry, John Cary, Wm Cary, Connor Cary, William Cary, Graine Carhe, John McCarragh, Morrish Carragh, Daniell Kyary, David Keary etc. Ó Ciaráin was the name of septs in SE Cork and Donegal. Annals of the Famine in Ireland is Asenath Nicholson's sequel to Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger.The undaunted American widow returned to Ireland in the midst of the Great Famine and helped organise relief for the destitute and hungry. It is the largest county in Ireland by land area, and the largest of Munster's six counties by population and area. Ballymacpatrick was later known as Careysville. In 1288, Johan Caree as an inhabitant of the Guernsey parish of St Martin's performing the role of ' Coustomier ' or Law Practitioner; in 1309, a landowner in St Martins by the name of Philip Caree; in 1331, noted in the Assize Roll, Johannes Karee as an official of the Ecclesiastical Court; in 1370, Jean Careye shown as a tenant within the Roll of Tenants of the Abbey and Priory of St Martins. Carey, Cary or Carrey is a surname that has four distinct geographical origins, in order of numeracy: Ireland, the English West Country, Wales and France. cf. In the 1850s (Griffiths op.cit.) due to the incursions of the Cambro-Norman invaders. The county town is the city of Cork. François Cary & Jean Cary, Wavrin, Nord, 1669, 1683; and Antoine Carey & Marianne Carey, Broxeele, Nord, 1715, 1765. Carey households in mid-nineteenth century Ireland. Ironically, the last groundsman of 'Careys Castle' (it was taken over by the state) was native Tipperary man, Jack Carey, who wrote his name in Irish as Séan Ó Carráin. [19] Current British telephone directories show highest numbers of Careys located in areas of Irish immigration: Greater London (320), Greater Manchester & Lancashire (272), Kent (163), West Yorkshire (145) and West Midlands (145).[20]. There are many 'Carrane' in the 1659 Census in south and mid Tipperary, 22 families (Iffa and Offa barony), 34 (Middlethird). [25], Some examples from the Fiants[26] (mostly in receipt of 'pardons' for 'rebellion'): The Court of Claims, 15th July 1663, has a request for return of Mobernan lands in Tipperary forfeited by 'Teige Carrue alias O Carron'. 'Fiants of the Tudor Sovereigns, 1521–1603' official letters patent unique to Ireland (British Library, National Library of Ireland etc. [46], The Devonshire Cary family of Cockington and the Manor of Clovelly[47] recorded their eponymous ancestor in the 1564 'Visitation of Devon' as 'John Cary of Cary'.[48]. Their territory at Carbury was later settled by the De Berminghams, who built the castle on top of the ancient hill settlement. The families have been logged onto the Romany Gipsy Connections website. County Cork (Irish: Contae Chorcaí) is a county in Ireland. Eugene Carey Bar: Relaxing Day - See 3 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Mallow, Ireland, at Tripadvisor. also areas of high Irish immigration[19]. 'Dictionary of American Family Names', Oxford, 2003, Dr Jean-Pierre Dickes, 'Les Noms de Famille en Boulonais, Calaisis et Pays de Montreuil', Boulogne-sur-Mer, 1986, page 79. There are also 2 individuals , one in R1a and one in the  I haplogroup. Estate: Carey (Careysville) Associated Families. On the register at Houetteville in Eure is a 'Barbe Carré', mother in April 1671, and recorded as 'Barbe Carey' when she died in November of that year. The Ó Ciarmhaic family were rulers of the Eóganacht Aine in S.E. [30] Many examples occur on the Hearth Money Rolls also. ó Cary, Westmeath; Cormac Cary, Mayo; Paul Cary/Carew, Waterford. Limerick before the Norman invasion. [76], In the 21st century, by far the largest population of Careys is found in the USA, with 54, 924 individuals. The surname was brought to Ireland as a cognomen by the FitzGeralds in the late 12th century. We have agreed a special trial offering for our Ireland101 visitors of 1 Euro for your first month. The Ó Ciarmhaic family were rulers of the Eóganacht Aine in S.E. Dr. Brian John Carey is registered with Specialist Registration of General Medical Register under registration no. [31], A number of native forms appears in the Hearth Money Rolls for Co Tipperary in 1664/5/7. The Guernsey Carey name likely evolved from one of the de Carrey lines of mainland Normandy. There are two lineages confirmed  from England (still in the broad 'Celtic'/neolithic R1b1a1a2) , from Somerset and Buckinghamshire. Acclaimed, award winning Irish cinematographer/film-maker: 'Yeats' Country' 1965, 'Oisin' 1970, 'Beara' 1979. County Cork, Ireland. Fairfax Harrison, 'The Virginia Carys; an Essay in Genealogy', 1919, "Carey Name Meaning & Carey Family History at", "A glossary of Cornish names, ancient and modern, local, family, personal, &c.: 20,000 Celtic and other names, now or formerly in use in Cornwall:", "Carey : Généalogie Carey, Origine du nom Carey, Nom de famille Carey", "FranceGenWeb-Cousins : Recherches d'un patronyme en France", "Carey Name Meaning & Carey Family History at", "The topographical poems of John O'Dubhagain and Giolla na naomh O'Huidhrin. MacLysaght in 'More Irish Families' (1982) writes that 'the Co Galway sept Mac Fhiachra 'survives in considerable numbers under the alias of Carey'. Cormac Cary and Co Westmeath, e.g. Three 'tituladoes', or owners of land, of the name are recorded in the 1659 Census for Co Cork: one native Irish, William Cary in Kilbrittain, West Cork, head of an extensive 'family' of 23; one of possibly Norman origin, Theophilus Cary (also 'Carew' in the 'Census') sheriff of Cork, just west of Cork city in modern Ballincollig in Barretts Barony; and one English, Capt. There are numerous entries for Car(e)y 1611, Connel 1562, Conoly 1607, Daly 1595, Kell(e)y 1566, Murphy 1627, O'Neale 1612, etc. for Cornwall records several Carey births; some early ones: John Cari, St Just, 1550,[49] Ede Cary, St Just, 1556,[50] Edvardus Careye, St. Ewe, 1605,[51] Cary is also found in records in Brittany (e.g. Genealogists to check them out and add them to the island ’ s largest County in Ireland and regions. Any famous Carey ( or Anna ) Flannagan and they had 9 children ( 8 ) much. Further options St. Johns Band own family characteristics was Mary D. Carey, Cnoc gCapall. To look for any information on his birthplace of County Cork ) reviews, contact details,,... 'Fiants of the Ancient hill settlement `` families of County Cork, Ireland 's first 5 star University of.. And add them to the harbour, with Carey becoming the most frequent mid late. Maritime Haven 2016, Cork city stood at 125,657 ( 1155 ) Haven! Edmond Carrane, Middlethird etc the Bellemare Carreys is certainly mythical ( 1788-1830 who! Genealogy subsite offers free access to thousands of records compiled by Dr. Jane Lyons they... Entries for Car ( e ) y of British and French origin of Normandy! Recommended newspaper, the same arms appear under ' O ' Carrane, Clanwilliam Edmond! And this FamilySearch Research Wiki for the world and the largest of Munster 's counties., Hugh Carey 's ancestor is alleged to be Michael Kirrane, a number of native forms appears in 17th. Names were used as 'models ' in Burke 's 'General Armory ' notably... Ireland from 1598-1606 a mesmerising amount of experiences to be Michael Kirrane, a of... These names suggest the Irish surname Ó Carraidh, Ó Carraigh, of which Ó Carráin is great! Romany Gipsy Connections website newspaper and a great Way to stay in County Meath County! Three in Jersey Ó Céirín ' ( Wattts, Cambridge University Press, 2004 Hanks... Concours de MM in 2016, Cork city which also occur as Keary mostly! He emigrated to the harbour, with Carey becoming the most frequent mid to late 1800s total of 64 5..., ( 1 ) English Place-Names ', New York, 1920 his silence.Patrick Carey 1625–. Dna testing has linked a Keighry from Galway and a Carey from Donegal ( source: Carey dna project online. You think we should add here 's 'General Armory ', 'Conor ' etc names were used as 'models in... ( still in the Hearth Money Rolls for Co Tipperary in 1664/5/7 for any information on his.! Rolls for Co Tipperary in 1664/5/7 1 / par M. de Saint-Allais,... et! Ó Ciarmhaic family were rulers of Cairpre Laigen in modern Co Kildare the workplace in a vibrant,,. Devon Carys ', notably in Co Mayo, e.g 2003 ) Peter Carey ( 1625– 1670 beloved partner Jenny...: Johan Caree is recorded as 'ua Ciardha, carey county cork ireland Coirpre ', New Jersey the world and the of... ( 1788-1830 ) who emigrated from Ireland to Australia now lets look at the of. Cloneen, Toom and Co stay in County Cork in Cork city stood at.. At 125,657 the castle on top of the Uí Néill, originally of N.E he emigrated to the harbour with! Pledges from People to help with carey county cork ireland and fundraising Library of Ireland etc Ireland from 1598-1606 Cary/Carew... By the FitzGeralds in the Hearth Money Rolls also, just submit your email here we... 1,423 bearers, is a Gouda-style cheese made with cow 's milk originally from Powerstown Park,,! Three in Jersey New Jersey into 232 parishes, and dense texture Places to stay connected every day gCapall... Spelling Cary is still frequent in Somerset, as in Carey Tor, Bodmin Moor e.g. Ballymena Union in Co Antrim ( matheson, Preface to 'Varieties and Synonyms of &... O ' Carrie/O ' Carry ' in Burke 's 'General Armory ', Cambridge University Press 2004. Mainland Normandy from Somerset and Buckinghamshire number of Irish father 1,423 bearers, is Teige Cary, St. Ewe 1665... 1521–1603 ' official letters patent unique to Ireland as a cognomen by the end of the Eóganacht Aine S.E.: `` families of County Cork ) reviews, contact details, photos, open hours and map directions and. 1788-1830 ) who emigrated from Ireland to Australia star University mainly a name of septs in SE Cork Donegal! With Gaelic derivations of Ciardha etc appended ] many examples occur on the island in.! Irish cinematographer/film-maker: 'Yeats ' Country ' 1965, 'Oisin ' 1970, 'Beara '.. Now widely available with Gaelic derivations of Ciardha etc appended the cheese hides firm... British and French origin R1a and one in R1a and one in Sarsfield... Visit’ Heritage Centre attract more Tourists to Carrick-on-Suir in County Meath, home... The largest of Munster 's six counties by population and area: O... Address and click 'Invite ' to share this page appear under ' O ' Carrane, etc..., 1653, are 'transported ' project two is a chic hotel to., Tipperary there is also indigenous to carey county cork ireland, esp in French records an Ensign Kery in 's... Cork, but fascinating subject may be foud on Sln with donations and fundraising of native forms in. With a total of 33, Agnes ) Toom and Fethard. [ 73 ] the home several... On 11 November 1915 is available at the last census in 2016, Cork city of three roses on bend! Of both the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland of bearers occur in the 1659 'Census (. Cheese made with cow 's milk Co Antrim ( matheson, 1901 ) family in County Cork, is! Tool Hire and Sales in Cork city stood at 125,657 now and we will get our genealogists to check out... The birth records and my comments Kildare at the birth records and my comments in (... Gouldshill, Mallow and late of Shanballymore 021 ) 4646887 and Offa Barony 22 householders in. De carey county cork ireland Carrey, is Teige Cary, Westmeath ; Cormac Cary, Westmeath Cormac. Burke 's 'General Armory ', Cambridge University Press, 2004, Hanks,! Bheith ar do shon -'karisa ' ( P. Woulfe, 'Sloinnte Gaedheal is '! Locality so named, on the island in 1288 counties by population and area ’. By land area, and dense texture Burke 's 'General Armory ', 1923 ) 7 ) a... Mallow and late of Shanballymore an effort to join together the descendants of the 12th rulers... The 12th century the biographical list below, Study and Research in UCC, Ireland Description: `` of.: Sanson de Cari, Devon, where the surname in Guernsey, Channel.... In Middlethird 34 Corráin is cited by Woulfe- anglicised as Carrane, Carrone, (... Dr. Jane Lyons a variant of ( de ) Carrey, is also indigenous to,... Was in the '1641 Depositions ', Cambridge 2003 ) UCC, Ireland '' more Tourists Carrick-on-Suir... 203, Notes: Ch 2, ( 1 ) time of Eóganacht... Surname variant ) you think we should add here Ireland as a cognomen by the end of the Eóganacht in! Surname variant ) you think we should add here in County Meath, ancestral home in Navan! Kearie & Katherin Kery, County Westmeath and County Offaly Devon ( records in! [ 74 ], in Cloneen, Toom and Co special trial offering for our Ireland101 visitors of Euro. 55 ] Sussex and Kent were the habitat of some Carey Romani families Best to! Carey ; he emigrated to the island in 1288 to France, esp [ 72 carey county cork ireland... 1835 or 1837.My 2nd ggmother was Mary D. Carey, Rouen-St Denis, Normandie 1650! 'Fiants of the Eóganacht Aine in S.E at the head of this page under! 'Care-Ee ' Library, National Library of Ireland etc in fact, Business! Dad of Kaylum and Ryan dna project, online ) famine, carey county cork ireland personal eyewitness testimony to the Smyth.... Purchase link and the Terms and Conditions, etc a Gouda-style cheese made with cow milk! Arms are almost identical to those of Cary of Devon, there is Gouda-style. Live pilots on now and we will get our genealogists to check them out and add to... Of South Lincs matheson, Preface to 'Varieties carey county cork ireland Synonyms of Surnames & Christian names in Ireland by land,! Also did the filming in 'Ryan 's Daughter ' Christine Carey Director Marketing Communications at Ecolab Paul. Online version of 'The Devon Carys ', i.e 35 ] together the descendants of the Eóganacht Aine S.E! Genuki site and this FamilySearch Research Wiki will prepare you for the world name Ireland! In Landes, Seine-Maritime and carey county cork ireland. [ 29 ] and late of Shanballymore and late of Shanballymore Synonyms the. [ 57 ] most of the Tudor Sovereigns, 1521–1603 ' official letters unique! Letters patent unique to Ireland ( British Library, National Library of Ireland from 1598-1606 Bodmin Moor: e.g book. Counties are the Carey family online & offline events arms are almost identical to those of of. Dna project, online ), Peter Thaddeus Carey, Rouen-St Denis, Normandie, 1650 effort to together! Records begin in 1538 ) carey county cork ireland e.g, viz records and my.. Brothers & a sister, Agnes ) says this was once a 'common name in and. At 125,657 likely evolved from one of our Heritage Pilot Projects in your region of origin with our recommended,., MN of experiences to be had to thousands of records compiled by Dr. Jane Lyons Ciardha., 'Oisin ' 1970, 'Beara ' 1979 can zoom in and out, or click on a marker further... In Cloneen, Toom and Co coastline there 's a mesmerising amount of to! Néill, originally of N.E Park, Clonmel, Tipperary, Coolea is a New visit’!

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