Chilling Beverages and Saving Energy

National Vending knows the importance of energy-efficient equipment for the environment and for business owners. Energy Star qualified beverage machines use 1,700 kWh per year less than regular machines which means that less energy is being used and more money is being saved in utility bills.

A new technology that is being developed in Europe as a collaborative effort to improve the sustainability of refrigerator units has a lot of people excited, even in the vending management industry! This new device is called the V-Tex and is able to chill drinks in 45 seconds. This solution is aimed at avoiding the need for refrigerating units that are constantly on and consuming energy in order to have drinks chilled for consumption at any given time. Now, beverages can be stored at room temperature and energy is only used briefly to chill them down before serving. This could lead to technology that changes how beverage vending machines store and distribute beverages and could make them even more energy efficient!

Check out the video below for more information.

Savings with Energy Star Vending Solutions

Vending Machine ManagementThere are few vending machine technologies that will save you more money annually than Energy Star certified machines. Energy Star was created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to create an international standard for energy efficient consumer products.

To gain Energy Star certification, there is a long list of specifications that each machine model has to meet that are set by the EPA. National Vending provides machines that meet these strict specifications in order to help reduce energy use that not only benefits the environment, but your business as well. You can save up to $150 per year to upgrade to just one energy-efficient beverage machine.

By running more energy-efficient equipment, your vending machines will consume less electricity and cost lest to operate. This energy saving is especially important for food and beverage vending solutions that use refrigeration to keep food fresh.

In September, National Vending will be participating in Building Operating Management’s NFTA Vegas convention and highlighting some of the latest in our Energy Star certified equipment and explaining the benefits of these machines to fellow attendees. You can visit to find out more and see our full range of products and services to help start and grow your vending business!

Energy-Efficient Vending for Any Office

National VendingEnergy-efficiency has been a major issue among electronics manufacturers, and the demanding nature of vending machines has led creators to invent vending units that will eat up less power and do the environment good in the long run. Energy-optimized products are more than a trend, as they can make a genuine impact on the world we live in. Thanks to our vending services, you’ll have an easier time than ever acquiring these new-age units for your own workplace.

Many recent studies have shown that vending machines are generally over-sized and use much more energy than they really need to. Factor in the frequent customer use and 24-hour work cycle of these machines, and you’re looking at an incredible amount of energy being consumed. Just like cars and computers, many innovative vending manufacturers are finding ways to keep their products from using power than necessary.

Of course, if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to finding these unique energy-saving vending products, the folks at National Vending are happy to assist you. As a reputable vending management company, we make it easy to upgrade your current vending machine to a much more eco-friendly one at a great price. It’s a win for everybody: Your business, your customers, and most importantly, the environment!