Five Senses Coffee Vending Machine

There have been hundreds of vending solutions to one of humanity’s early-morning problems: “How can I get a decent cup of coffee on the go?” This same question was asked by Scott Martin, founder of Coffee Nation.

Since he asked that question in 1999, Martin has been working to develop quality coffee machines throughout England. His success was noticed by Costa Coffee and he was signed on to their vending division, Costa Express to create one of the most innovative coffee vending machines the world has seen.

The Marlow 200 is the product of this 12-year journey and the first models have rolled out in Dubai International Airport’s new Terminal 3. The machines are called five-senses machines because they engage consumers with all five senses. The collaborative efforts made to create this machine are almost more impressive than the machine itself. Costa Express enlisted the help of various companies from around the world specializing in anything from aeronautic design to mobile gaming and scent engineers.

While this machine is quite remarkable and the coffee it produces (with 250 varieties available!) is reported to be just as good as what the creating company’s own baristas create, National Vending has to ask if it is too much? Knowing your target market and demographics are what makes the difference for vending management companies and operators. For Dubai’s Terminal 3, this might be the perfect solution, but finding out what will impress your customers can be more valuable than offering a machine that recreates the sounds and smells of a coffee shop.

Watching Water Sales

According to a study by Market Watch, for the first time in years, bottled water sales are outpacing soda. From 2001 to 2011, carbonated beverages like soda have shrunk 16% while bottled water sales have risen by 56%. For vending machine management companies like National Vending and operators, paying attention to consumer demands, shopping trends and diet habits will help make your vending services more successful.

This trend, according to experts, can be attributed to a more wide-spread awareness of the health concerns caused by sugary drinks such as soda. Consumers have been shying away from soda and replacing it with water in an attempt to stay healthier, a drastic shift in diet habit from the 1980’s and 1990’s when soda was much more popular.

The wide variety of bottle water options available today are evidence of this beverages’ popularity in the market. Stores and vending machines alike offer a wide variety of brands, sizes, and even flavors. Water has also become diversified by type of water or purification method including spring water, distillation, ozonation, reverse osmosis, distillation and ultraviolet light. Bottled water is also being enhanced with flavors that can be added from an extra product, the addition of extra vitamins or minerals and many more options.

Attention to Details

Vending ServicesNational Vending makes planning, implementing and operating your vending network easier by tailoring a management plan to fit your business’s needs. In addition to customizing the management of your vending services, National Vending will help you sort through the details of a successful vending service, right down to the types of machines and products they carry.

Like any product, proper marketing and advertising of vending products helps increase sales. Customized graphics packages are available for your vending machines or other vending services. Branded and custom graphics can help machines stand out from the crowd and also fit in to their new surroundings.

In addition to customizing the look of your machines, you can also choose the products that the machines carry. Creating a product offering that appeals to your specific markets is key to successful sales results, and National Vending will customize your product offering by location. In addition to customizing products by location, vending solutions for tools, small parts, medical supplies, and safety equipment are also available. All of these options allow you to be creative and make the most out of specialized vending options!

Combined with the single point-of-contact system at National Vending, creating and running your own vending business is within your reach!