Vending Services Have Never Been Easier

National VendingHave you been looking for a way to improve your facilities and offer extra services and utility for the people that use it every day? Vending services are a very easy and useful addition to any location and provide a number of benefits to anyone in the building. National Vending is a vending management company that will help you plan, install, maintain and service a wide variety of vending solutions that will add extra value and benefits to your facility.

National Vending will work with you to provide a free vending audit and determine the type of services that will bring the most benefit to your location and how best to operate them. After that, National Vending will place, stock and service all of the vending equipment free of charge! That’s right, you get all the benefits of professional vending services for no cost to you.

So what is the benefit to you? In addition to providing additional services for the people that use your facility, you will receive a percentage of vending receipts as commission. You can find out more on our FAQ page!

Transparent Vending Reporting

In the internet era, information is key to succeeding. It is now easier than ever to share information and being able to collect, analyze and disseminate that information to the people that need to have it. With vending management services from National Vending, collecting and accessing information about your vending services is even easier and will help you create a more successful business that is tailored to the demands of each location you have a machine or vending service at.

National Vending offers a single point of contact for all customers and this means that you have easy access to a wide range of reports that will be provided. Transparent reporting is one of the many benefits you will receive from National Vending. These reports are accessible online and can be sorted and analyzed by machine and facility so that you can accurately assess the performance of each machine and determine the success of each location independently.

These tools will help you understand the vending operations of your facility and better determine what actions will help make your vending services even more successful.

Chilling Beverages and Saving Energy

National Vending knows the importance of energy-efficient equipment for the environment and for business owners. Energy Star qualified beverage machines use 1,700 kWh per year less than regular machines which means that less energy is being used and more money is being saved in utility bills.

A new technology that is being developed in Europe as a collaborative effort to improve the sustainability of refrigerator units has a lot of people excited, even in the vending management industry! This new device is called the V-Tex and is able to chill drinks in 45 seconds. This solution is aimed at avoiding the need for refrigerating units that are constantly on and consuming energy in order to have drinks chilled for consumption at any given time. Now, beverages can be stored at room temperature and energy is only used briefly to chill them down before serving. This could lead to technology that changes how beverage vending machines store and distribute beverages and could make them even more energy efficient!

Check out the video below for more information.

Personalizing Vending Products for Success

Like any retailer, vending services need to be tailored or personalized to meet the needs and wants of their markets. Since vending machine markets are strongly determined by their location, their product offering has to take into account what is around the machine. Factors that can determine what products your vending services offer can include, proximity to other food or beverage sources and what they have to offer, purpose of the room or space the machine is located within, and the preferences of the patrons that will be using your services.

There are many other factors that can determine which products will be successful and National Vending will work with you to figure these out and personalize product selections to each location. National Vending will even help you determine the preferences of your market through technologies such as QR codes that patrons can use to provide direct feedback and provide product selection preferences.

No matter what your vending services are, National Vending offers a single point of contact for all of them so that you can direct all of your questions, comments and suggestions to improve your vending operations to one place!

Free Vending Assessments from National Vending

Do you wish you could operate vending or food services at your business or facility? Ever wonder how you could make your operations more profitable and easy to run? National Vending offers vending management services that will help make your job easier and your vending business more efficient.

National Vending works with clients of all sizes and offers a single point of contact for all aspects of your vending or food service program. Some parts of a vending or food service business can be difficult to manage, such as sourcing products choosing selections effectively, verifying liability coverage or coordinating machine installation and maintenance. We are able to take care of all of those issues and more for you!

In addition to all of these great services, National Vending offers professional and transparent reporting to all of your machines and facilities online so that you can stay informed on your vending services. It is easy to get started! National Vending will give you a free, no-obligation vending assessment to find out what your vending needs are, discover new and profitable opportunities, and determine how best to implement new vending plans.

Quick Responses to Customer Needs

National Vending is always looking for ways to improve the vending services we provide, and we are excited to share these ideas and technologies at Building Operating Management’s NFMT Vegas trade show September 17-18th.

One of these exciting new technologies is the use of QR codes to improve usage of vending services for operators, managers and facility or building managers. QR, or quick response, codes are matrix barcodes that can be scanned by smart phone. When a patron’s smart phone interprets the code, it will perform the action specified by the QR code. These actions can be anything from loading a website or opening a text message, to loading a phone number to call or downloading an app.

For facility managers, this means that customers at your vending services will have an easier time getting in touch directly with the vending management or operators. There are few things more frustrating to vending machine patrons than a malfunctioning or out of stock vending machine. With a simple QR code, customers are able to submit service issues and provide comments on the machines and services. Customers are also able to request products that they would like in the machines so that your vending services can be tailored to your specific market.

Savings with Energy Star Vending Solutions

Vending Machine ManagementThere are few vending machine technologies that will save you more money annually than Energy Star certified machines. Energy Star was created in 1992 by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to create an international standard for energy efficient consumer products.

To gain Energy Star certification, there is a long list of specifications that each machine model has to meet that are set by the EPA. National Vending provides machines that meet these strict specifications in order to help reduce energy use that not only benefits the environment, but your business as well. You can save up to $150 per year to upgrade to just one energy-efficient beverage machine.

By running more energy-efficient equipment, your vending machines will consume less electricity and cost lest to operate. This energy saving is especially important for food and beverage vending solutions that use refrigeration to keep food fresh.

In September, National Vending will be participating in Building Operating Management’s NFTA Vegas convention and highlighting some of the latest in our Energy Star certified equipment and explaining the benefits of these machines to fellow attendees. You can visit to find out more and see our full range of products and services to help start and grow your vending business!

Five Senses Coffee Vending Machine

There have been hundreds of vending solutions to one of humanity’s early-morning problems: “How can I get a decent cup of coffee on the go?” This same question was asked by Scott Martin, founder of Coffee Nation.

Since he asked that question in 1999, Martin has been working to develop quality coffee machines throughout England. His success was noticed by Costa Coffee and he was signed on to their vending division, Costa Express to create one of the most innovative coffee vending machines the world has seen.

The Marlow 200 is the product of this 12-year journey and the first models have rolled out in Dubai International Airport’s new Terminal 3. The machines are called five-senses machines because they engage consumers with all five senses. The collaborative efforts made to create this machine are almost more impressive than the machine itself. Costa Express enlisted the help of various companies from around the world specializing in anything from aeronautic design to mobile gaming and scent engineers.

While this machine is quite remarkable and the coffee it produces (with 250 varieties available!) is reported to be just as good as what the creating company’s own baristas create, National Vending has to ask if it is too much? Knowing your target market and demographics are what makes the difference for vending management companies and operators. For Dubai’s Terminal 3, this might be the perfect solution, but finding out what will impress your customers can be more valuable than offering a machine that recreates the sounds and smells of a coffee shop.

Attention to Details

Vending ServicesNational Vending makes planning, implementing and operating your vending network easier by tailoring a management plan to fit your business’s needs. In addition to customizing the management of your vending services, National Vending will help you sort through the details of a successful vending service, right down to the types of machines and products they carry.

Like any product, proper marketing and advertising of vending products helps increase sales. Customized graphics packages are available for your vending machines or other vending services. Branded and custom graphics can help machines stand out from the crowd and also fit in to their new surroundings.

In addition to customizing the look of your machines, you can also choose the products that the machines carry. Creating a product offering that appeals to your specific markets is key to successful sales results, and National Vending will customize your product offering by location. In addition to customizing products by location, vending solutions for tools, small parts, medical supplies, and safety equipment are also available. All of these options allow you to be creative and make the most out of specialized vending options!

Combined with the single point-of-contact system at National Vending, creating and running your own vending business is within your reach!

Micro-Market Oasis

Vending Machine ManagementAn exciting evolution in the vending solutions industry is the transformation of vending machines from singular machines that vend a select group of items to self-checkout convenience markets. These small-scale oases, or micro-markets, are great additions to any office break room.

Perfect for employee break rooms or dining areas, micro-markets offer an expansive selection with just about everything you could want for breakfast or lunch. The variety of vending technology involved allows managers of these markets to offer fresh foods, cold or frozen options, snacks and a variety of cold or hot beverages.

Self-checkout is a retail trend that is here to stay and a majority of consumers today prefer having a completely autonomous shopping experience. The self-checkout feature of convenience markets managed by National Vending makes them ideal for grabbing quick snacks and meals on the go.

These markets even harken back to the golden age of vending in the early half of the 1900’s, when Automats were hugely popular alternatives to traditional restaurants and diners. Trading a few coins through a slot for a piece of lemon meringue pie has fallen out of fashion for most self-service markets, but with credit card readers and touch-screens, grabbing tasty food on the go has never been easier!